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I took a trip to Brittany, more precisely to Finstère (the original French term signifies “the end of the world”) and hooked up with fishermen and seafarers. Real blokes spinning their sailor’s yarn to me. Terrific stories about mermaids, ghost ships and furry creatures bringing bad luck that one may believe - or not.

Large-formated photos of the wild blokes combined with small but mighty illustrations to accompany each story.


The book 'Bobards Bigoudens' is available in French and is self published. 
Price: € 29,95 (plus shipping)

Orders via mail at

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Le livre 'Bobards Bigoudens' est disponible en français et est publié à compte d'auteur.
Prix: € 29,95 (plus vrai de livraison)

Commandes par émail à

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